Hi guys, for anyone visiting my website for the first time, welcome, it's wonderful to see you!  I apologize for the long delay between blogs, but life was upside down for a while. Our move to lovely Brockville is now complete and we're in the process of getting settled in. We've bought a house with wallpaper and green carpeting which should keep my designing muscles limber for the next little (long!) while. I'll post pictures as projects are completed and you can tell me what you think.  

It was a big change moving from London ON, but then change makes life interesting; new sights, new people, new friends in the making.  So it is with seasons and we in Canada are fortunate to have such well defined ones. Autumn is officially here and we have simple things to look forward to - a walk to the apple orchard, a warm drink with a friend, fuzzy sweaters and cozy movie nights....

If anyone from Brockville is visiting, a big hello from me. Feel free to say hi on my blog, or send me a message.  I look forward to talking to you, or even better, meeting you in the near future.  Viva adventure! 
Ah...autumn!  The coziest time of year.  Children are back to school, days are shorter, the urge to rush home at the end of the day...all signs of fall.  The nesting instinct is strong and the call of the warm lights of home stronger than ever.  

Pretty good segue into the topic for today, I think - lighting! The importance of, that is.  If you're looking for that lovely, warm look to your home, the answer is one word. Lamps.  Be it floor or table, buy them and use them in lieu of overhead lights. Trust me, once you get used to turning on lamps instead of overhead lights, you'll wonder how you got along without them. Overhead lights give you total illumination in a room while lamps radiate pools of warm light creating that soft, warm look that's so appealing to the eye and so soothing to the soul.

So try it out and I'll guarantee you'll be de-lighted!  Sorry, couldn't resist the bad pun!  I love to read your comments or an anecdote or two, so please feel free to write.  Until next time! 

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